Sunday, 22 April 2012

Greenfinger's Update #6

Well we're still getting all the April Showers and shitty weather here so plantwise it's going VERY slowly :o( some more stuff HAS grown though :o) and I've bought yet MORE stuff to grow too lol .....

Dill is doing well :o)

Coriander is doing well too :o)

Thyme is coming up slowly :o)

Fruity Chilli's are slowly coming up but still no sign of any more Aubergine's yet

Dr sez he wants a Pomegranate tree so I planted some of the seeds out of one I bought from the shops :o) you never know!

Cat Grass is ready to give to my Kitties :o)

Garlic Chives & Chives are emerging :o)

My Greenshaft Peas are popping through :o) I also bought some Mangetout Peas which I've now sown too so they should come through in the next week or so

I've planted my Lettuce in their new home and covered them with netting so they are protected during the day but can still get some air. But I do put the plastic lid on of a night

There was one left over so I put it in its own lil pot lol I call it lonely lettuce lol

Night Scented Stock seedlings are doing well and have their 2nd sets of leaves :o)

Still no sign of my Cerinthe yet :o( so I've done some research and it sez you can nick the seeds slightly with some nail clippers to help it germinate. So I dug up my seeds and nicked them all so fingers crossed next couple of weeks we may see some action. My Strawberry seeds still haven't grown so I did some research on those too. Seems it's best to freeze them for a few weeks before you plant them so I've put my seeds in the freezer. They should be ready to try again by 1st May :o) so fingers crossed they will actually grow next time. Finally have a Sage seedling poking through so hopefully the rest of my other herbs will start growing soon :o)

Still a long way to go!

xXx Womble xXx

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