Friday, 28 January 2011

Kokokelli Research! Let your thoughts be known!!

Okies so I'm starting to think about the future of Kokokelli (no I'm not quitting lol) and wot I really want to do is start meeting the customer's needs, give more variety and hopefully increase sales.
Soooooooooo this is where you peeps come in! :o) I've created a short survey which will only take a couple of mins to answer (nothing too taxing) so plz plz plz will you fill it in and give me some valuable feedback?

The future of Kokokelli is in your hands..........

Click here to take survey

many thanks everyone!!



Thursday, 27 January 2011

Good Ole Giveaways!!! :o)

For years I have been entering competitions & giveaways every now and again and have won ZILCH but for some reason I seem to be quite lucky over the last year and the beginning of this year so far too :o) so I thought I'd show you some of the cool shizzle I have been lucky enough to get my hands on!! :o)


Waldo The Worm Goodies

Turquoise Knitted Bag

I also won a few other things that I can't really remember lol :oS so if I haven't mentioned something plz don't get offended! I'm just getting old lol :o( xXx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Valentine's Cards for the One's You Love! :o)

Okies so I've been busy designing and making some Valentine's Cards ready for the big day! :o) below you will see wot I've got available, some are one off's and some can be personalised :o) so take a peek and see if anything catches your eye ;o) they will be for sale in my Kokokelli Shop or you can also buy through my Kokokelli Fan Page (via Paypal) ......

 'Twisty Hearts' in Red & Silver (5 of each design available)

'Love' (1 available)

'Gold Heart' (1 available)


'Grafitti Hearts' (can be personalised)

'Kitty Love' (can be personalised)

'Wet Heart'

'Love Maze'

'Rainbow Heart'

The Valentine's Tag Cards are blank for you to write your own Romantic Verse inside :o)

I can also do Custom Valentine's Cards by request so if you're looking for a special something for your loved one please get in touch via email or you can msg me through my Facebook Fanpage or Twitter :o)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Addicted to Vistaprint? Me? Nooooooo! lol :oP

Hiya folks I just thought I'd share with you some of the lovely Items that I've had made at Vistaprint for my Kokokelli business :o) I really need to stop spending there tho otherwise I'm not gonna have any money left lol :oS xXx

Kokokelli Business Cards (Calendar Reverse Side)

Kokokelli 2011 Calendar

Kokokelli Mugs

Kokokelli Postcard's

Kokokelli Small Tote Bag's

Kokokelli 2011 Diarie's

Kokokelli Mousemat

I also have a T-shirt on the way too lol :oS defo not buying anymore after that unless the money starts pouring in (which I doubt as I haven't even had my 1st sale of the year yet so far :o( sniff sniff lol) 

I also had these cool Badges & Fridge Magnet's made at

pretty cool huh? lol ;o)

Yeh so I need all you good peeps to start buying up all my stock now please! Alot of this stuff is gonna be used in my giveaways for this year :o) xXx

Friday, 7 January 2011

Puppy Update! More piccies! :o)

Okies I know I was sposed to keep you guys updated regularly but we aint been round the Dr's sisters for ages so the pups are ALOT bigger now! Sadly one of the lil brown ones I used to call monkey died but the Dr never told me :o( so there are only 4 left 3 boys and 1 girl :o( so anyways here are the latest pictures!!

They're so beautiful and have lovely personalitites! They love to play and have a cuddle too! Missed them so much when we had to go home lol :o(

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Look wot Dr got me for Christmas! :o) xXx

Happy New Year everyone!! Just thought I'd quickly share the lovely gifts my gorgeous Dr got me for Christmas!! :o) love him loads!!

My christmas goodies :o) x

Ghost 'Captivating' Gift Set

Thorntons 'Winter' Collection (yummy)

Purple Slippers (smell like strawberry & vanilla) and
Silver Plated Love Heart :o) 

Had some lovely gifts from everyone thanks so much!!!!