Monday, 27 September 2010

***September Stars*** The final countdown!!

Okies so we're in the final week of september listings with a combined sales tally of over 1000!!! (Wooooo!) I wonder wot October will bring?!! Especially with the christmas run up coming soon!! :o) anywayz here's a few more items from our crafty & clever september stars, plz make sure you check out their shops!! xXx





I've not done much crafting lately as I've been doing some things for other peeps but today I made another gorgeous Set of 3 Christmas Cards and these are more traditional style :o)

Monday, 20 September 2010

***September Stars*** The end is nigh!

Okies you folks know the score with the whole ***September Stars*** thing by now so here are a few more awesome items that have caught my eye lately. Please check out their other items in their shops by clicking the links provided :o) xXx





I'll be making some more items soon! In the meantime check out the customised bracelet I made for my giveaway winner Philippa Harding who wanted something nautical in red/white/blue with silver findings I just hope she likes it lol :oS xXx

Diaries Are Now Available!!

Okies so do you remember me mentioning that I had designed a diary page for the 2011 Diary Project? Yeh you do surely?! I designed the page for December 2011

Well I've just had an email saying the diaries are now available to purchase!!! Yay!! So I've just ordered my copy :o) If you participated and designed a page for the diary you can purchase your copy/copies here at a slightly discounted price. If you did not take part you can still buy this diary at it's full price here these would make great gifts for your friends & family and would really help promote the handmade & crafty community. Why not buy some for christmas presents?! You can even download and print a variety of different covers for it or even just design your own to make it extra special :o)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Kokokelli Khristmas!! :o)

I been hella busy the last few days making some gorgeous Christmas Card Sets and singles from some of the old christmas cards we were sent last year and I've been trying to knock up some designs for my own cards too. They came out really nice the only thing I wasn't happy about (me being a perfectionist and all that lol) was the stupid gold/silver paper I bought! Grrrr! I couldn't print my labels onto it cos it wouldn't print right onto it :o( so had to rework them and use the gold/silver paper for backing so not all bad :o) Anywayz here is the unveiling of my card sets and singles just not sure wot prices to charge yet :oS any ideas???

Kokokelli Facebook Giveaway!! No.2

Okies I’ve decided to make this giveaway different so the winner will receive a custom made bracelet in their choice of 3 bead colours and either gold/silver/bronze plated metal findings. All you have to do to is invite your friends to join my page, tell me your fave item from my photos & why and comment on the giveaway post. Winner will be drawn at random on Monday 20th September. Good Luck! :o) xXx

I’ll be having my first blog giveaway when my followers hit 100 so stay tuned ;o) xXx

Monday, 13 September 2010

***September Stars*** nearly halfway there already

Okies so we're reaching the halfway stage soon and the sales for this month are Woohoooo!!! (apart from me and few others who are still on only 1 sale :o( sniff sniff lol) So here are a few more folksters who have caught my eye lately plz plz plz check out their shops and even make their day by adding to their sales tally :o) xXx





I've still not made anymore items yet lol :oS being very slack but I'm gonna be working on some Christmas Cards the next few days to sell on folksy, some recycled from old cards and some new totally designed by moi so watch this space ;o) xXx

***Stars*** in there Eyes

Tonight Matthew I'm gonna be..... showing you more items from our ***September Stars*** cos the sales are going up and up and UP for our talented folkster's!!! Yes even I have had my 1st sale for September :o) YAY!! Keep them coming!!! Whilst you wait here are a few more picks from some of our members plz check out their shops and the many other gorgeous items available xXx





My listing is from the other day as I haven't made anything new yet :oS best get crafting tmoz lol. Check out my gorgeous 'Techno' Necklace & Bracelet Set :o) 


Friday, 10 September 2010

September *Stars* are Everywhere!!!

Yes you all know the score by now guys so here are some more fabulous ***September Stars*** items available to buy now!! Please check out their shops by clicking on the links to the sides of the photos and make sure you tell them Kokokelli sent you ;o) xXx





No offerings from me today as I've run out of things to list so will be busy crafting the weekend hopefully :o) still no sales for me so far this month tho :o( sigh come on sales fairy!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The *Stars* are out!

Okies so I had another quick flick through some of the listings for the ***September Stars*** and found these gorgeous items for you all to drool over so make sure you click on the links to check out their other stuff! :o)





Okies so my listing for today is this super cute 'Superstar' Bookmark! :o)

Congrats to everyone who has had sales this month (still none for me :o( sniff where's the sales fairy when you need her?! lol)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Go on be a *Star* too!! :o)

Okies so as you know its the beginning of the ***September Stars*** so here are some more lovely items that have caught my eye over the last day or so plz take a peek and if you want to see more of their lovely items plz click on the links provided :o) xXx





Okies so my listing for today was this gorgeous Hello Kitty style Pink 'Kitty' Charm Bracelet :o)

Kepp up the good work folks!! :o) xXx

Monday, 6 September 2010

September begins the ***September Stars!!***

The A-Team for August has finished but never fear September brings the beginning of the September Stars!! There are some old faces and a few new ones too which shows how popular this is becoming. The sales are going up for lots of peeps (alas not for me tho :o( sniff sniff lol ) so here are some the September Stars listings that have caught my eye :o) make sure you check out their shops for loads more gorgeous items, just click on the links!! xXx






Okies so I know I've been slacking in the 'bloggin' department but I've been busy enjoying some quality time with my gorgeous 'Dr' while my folks was away on hols so I had to do some catching up on the crafting front so here are my latest offerings for the September Stars :o) My 'Olympia' Necklace & Earring Sets!

If anyone happens to see the Sales Fairy please send her my way please!!!