Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wombley Turns 30!! :oS

Yes it's true! Lil Womble turned 30 on 28th April (even tho I don't look it lol :oP) So here's a few pictures from my night out :o) xXx

 My Buftdy Cake!

 My Big Badge (and bracelet I made to match my scarf lol)

 Me & my m8 Becks

 Me & my m8 Steve

 Me & my gorgeous Dr 

 My Buftdy Cake all lit up!

 Me & my ToyBoy (well for the next 7mths at least lol)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Going through a bad patch :o(

Hey folks, soz I not been about lately, I seem to be going through abit of a bad patch :o( am just feeling generally low and unmotivated :o( am just a big emotional yo-yo at the moment. As a few of you may know I was made redundant from my job of 6yrs the end of march 2010 and have yet to find a new one :o( same for my boyf as he worked at the same place :o( I've not been feeling very crafty lately too and seemed to have lost my crafty mojo :o( I've not been promoting my business much on twitter either so my google analytics is at an all time low :o( I've still not finished the shop on my website cos I've just not felt upto doing it :o( me and Dr haven't been away for a weekend since feb 2010 cos we can't afford it :o( also I'm gonna be turning 30 in 10 days time and I spose a few things are hitting home :o( ...... a) I'm gonna be 30!, b) I'm still living with my folks as I have no job, c) me and Dr can't get our own place until we can find new jobs, d) me and dr can't have a baby until we can get our own place, e) lifes just poo! lol :o( just soooooooooo fed up! When am I gonna get a break?! :o( xXx