Thursday, 29 July 2010

Kokokelli Art :o) xXx

I used to love drawing and everything arty farty when I was younger, and I still do. I've been meaning to start drawing again but the last few artistic pieces I've done have actually been created via my computer! lol by me still obviously but using very software. I've just finished my new piece so here it is..........

  'Pixc in the Sky' - by Kokokelli

I did this for my new friend off facebook Alex Pixc I wanted to do a picture of her that represented the Alex Pixc that I see on the inside. I hope she likes it cos I'm really pleased with it :o)

'Shooting Stars' - by Kokokelli

I actually did this picture a few years ago and it was the first one I did on my computer using a photo of me lol

I might start incorporating some of this into my other Kokokelli work?.... I could try doing some cards with these on or something like that. It's something to think about anyway :o) xXx

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Kokokelli Advert :o)


Ok so the deal is I want to get to 100 members on my Facebook Fanpage so if you haven't joined up already then make sure you do!! When I hit 100 I'm gonna do my giveaway..... not sure wot I'm gonna 'giveaway' yet tho :oS I may have to make something up especially for the occasion :o) so get clicking folks and spread the word, tell your friends, tweet away xXx


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My entry for It Belongs To Turtle Competition

There is a competition on the It Belongs To Turtle Blog where you have to design a new shell for Turtle so here is mine :o)

The competition closes at midnight on Thursday 29th July so get your entries in NOW!!! :o) xXx

Monday, 26 July 2010

House/Dog/Kitten Sitting lol

Well me and my gorgeous 'Dr' had a fun 5 days last week house sitting for his Sister while she went on her hols. It seems everytime we have to housesit there's lil babies for us to look after too lol last year we had 3 puppies as well as her 2 British Bulldogs to look after but this year we had 3 lil kitties to look after :o) tell a lie tho Gizmo (her cat) was a good mommy and did most of the work lol so here they are the lil fluffballs.......... I want the lil black one but I can't have it cos my folks wont allow pets in our house :o( xXx

I want the black one!!!!!!!!! :o( it kept giving me that look like on the pic "please take me home womble, pweeeeeeeze" they are all gorgeous tho and looking for new homes. So if you live around the Dudley area you're in luck!! 

Saturday, 24 July 2010

An interview with Kokokelli :o)

The lovely Konnie Kapow has been doing varoius interviews with some of the peeps on Folksy and Kokokelli was chosen as one of the interviewee's :o) you can see my interview on the Konnie Kapow Blog you can also check out other peeps interviews on there too :o) xXx

Thursday, 15 July 2010

you guessed it........... more Jester's lol :oP

Ok so you know the score by now........ blah blah...... here's some more of my Jester picks :o) xXx





So there you have it :o) if you would like to be featured in my blog plz get in touch :o) xXx

Oooops I think I broke it :oS

I was using my laptop the other day and one of the keys wouldn't go down properly so I poked my finger underneath to try and move wot was underneath and the key popped off!!! :oS But I remembered my lovely 'Dr' saying "yeh the keys pop off easily but they pop right back on...." So I'm there desperately trying to get this bloody 'B' key to pop back on, could I do it?!....... could I f**k!!!! lmao so when the 'Dr' came round the next day I got him to have a try and he was like "move out the way noob and I'll show you how its done!"....... and an hour later he's still trying to get it back on!!! pmsl so anywayz this bloody 'B' key isn't having it and as my lovely 'Dr' bought me it for Christmas the warranty is up in 2 weeks (he bought it august last year from Amazon) so now we're trying to find out if we gotta send it back to Amazon or Acer. 'Dr' emailed Amazon and they said contact Acer so I emailed Acer today and now I'm awaiting a reply (god knows how long thats gonna take!!) So looks like I'm gonna be without my lappy for a couple of weeks at the most :o( last time I poke my keys again and next time summet gets stuck under there I'll take the lovely Dr's advice....... "Don't f**kin poke them! Just f**kin blow you foooooool!!!!" lmfao xXx

Jester's at the Ready!

Ok so here are some more kwl items from our July Jester's (I'm running out of people to pick now, if you haven't been featured in any of my blogs and you would like me to feature you in a future blog please leave a link to your shop in my comments, thanks) :o) xXx





Ok my listing for today was these beautiful Black/Cream 'Symbol' Earrings

I'm on 5 sales now for July does anyone fancy adding any more to my tally?? ;o) xXx

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Some of my Handmade Cards :o)

I just realised that cos I haven't got any cards in my Folksy Shop then peeps probably don't know I make them too but in fact I have made loooooooads!!! lol so I thought I'd put some of my faves on here for you all to see :o) you can see all the stuff I've made on my Facebook page xXx

 Personalised Custom Ordered Wedding Card in Box

Wedding Card I made for my friends Wedding

Valentine's Card I made for my gorgeous 'Dr' :o)

 Card I made for my friend when she had her lil girl :o)

 Card I made for my best friends birthday (1st one I ever made!)

Card I made for my best friend for her mums birthday

card I made for my boyfriends nephew :o)

card I made for my boyfriends niece :o)

card I made for my boyfriends brother-in-law

joke card I made for my friends birthday lol :oP

card I made for my dad for Father's Day :o)

card I made for my best friends sister 

 card I made my mom for Mother's Day :o)

So if anyone is interested in me making any cards for them please get in touch :o)

July Jester's 13th (unlucky for some)

Here is some more Jester's picks that have caught my eye recently..........







Keep up the good work folks, congrats on all your sales so far! Shame I can't get a few more :o( xXx

Is soooooooooo sad today :o(

I don't know wot it is today but I just feel so low and fed up and really just feel like crying :o( I spose this dark shitty weather don't really help either..... and now its started with that manky drizzley rain too :o( sigh...... and to top it off no one seems to be interested in any of my Kokokelli Handmade Jewellery either :o( some of the nice fellow jesters have been featuring me on their blogs and stuff but don't seem to be getting many sales at all :o( and if I keep listing summet everyday I'm gonna end up with a shop full of stuff that peeps aren't interested in buying and wot's the point in that?! :o( sorry am starting to rant on abit now lol but loads of peeps sales seem to have rocketed up and I've only had 2 (one was a custom order and the other was by a celebrity) and I'm blogging and tweeting and facebooking and craft juicing as much as I can and there's lots of views on my Google Analytics and stuff but still nothing :o( sigh....... I just don't get it at all man :o( sigh...... I need cheering up (where's that chocolate gone? lol)

See! Look at that face!! :o(

Monday, 12 July 2010

Is there a Jester in the house??

Ok yes I know more Jestering lol but there are so many lovely items available at the moment and its so hard to pick out just a few xXx





Everyday there are more and more July Jester's items listed so please check them out on the Folksy Forums and just look for the July Jester's threads, you can also check out other Jester's Blogs at keep up the good work folks!!! :o) xXx

I just love doing my Comissions :o)

Ok so my new comission pieces are Waldo the Worm Badge Bracelets which I have made for the lovely Dave aka NoSuchDisco and he's absolutely delighted with them and so am I :o) xXx

 Mens Badge Bracelet

Ladies Badge Bracelet

Kids Badge Bracelet

Badge Bracelets

You can see more of Waldo at and check out the Waldo Store on Folksy

Saturday, 10 July 2010

July Jestering :o)

Ok so here are some more examples of the lovely items available from our July Jester's :o) there's lots more to see on Folksy!!






Make sure you check out their shops for more gorgeous items and to see more Folkster's July Jester's items check out the forums at :o) xXx

Here is my listing for today a gorgeous 'Pink Jazz' Necklace & Earring Set :o) xXx