Thursday, 31 March 2011

Feeling Arty :o)

Ok so I had abit of an arty farty moment and was feeling abit creative so I made these designs which I am thinking might look kinda cool on some t-shirts maybe?? Wot you guys think??

Monday, 28 March 2011

New Kokokelli Advert!! :o)

Yes I finally got round to making a new advert for my Kokokelli stuff! You can check it out here.......

Have a watch and lemme know wot you guys think please :o) many thanks !! xXx

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Look wot came today!!! :o)

Yes look wot came today folks!! Yes it's my lovely competition prize from Pascoe Pop Art that I won!! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me and I hope my giveaway winners like their prizes too :o) just a shame that Dr has admited that he don't like it cos he doesn't like pop art :o( just wish he'd of told me that before I worked my ass off to win :o( lol so I told him tough shit it's going on the wall when we eventually get our own place after all the effort I put in lol :oP xXx

My lovely competition prize :o)

I love it even tho Dr don't like it lol :oP

Customised Giveaway Prizes for the winner's of my Giveaway :o)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gonna Miss You Big Fella :o(

So sad as I found out today that Dr's sister's Bulldog Bailey has sadly died :o( gonna miss you loads big fella so this is my lil tribute to you and even though I only knew you for the last couple of years you will have a place in my heart forever :o( xXx

Saft as a bottle of pop!

the toothless walrus!

slept for england!

the original nodding dog!

farted in his sleep!

his sexy pose!

Did yoga in his sleep!

RIP Bailey Big Balls, Sweet Dreams :o( xXx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I love Giveaway's :o)

Well my luck seems to have changed when it comes to winning giveaways as over the last year I've won some lovely things :o) just thought I'd report on the 2 I received today xXx

Welcome Wreath - Laurels By Laurie (Etsy)

You might remember me moaning about this one as I won this nearly 5 months ago! :oP I finally received it today after months of contacting her and then eventually having to contact indiespotting to complain and find out why she kept fobbing me off with excuses (even tho everytime I contacted her she was gonna be posting it the end of the week! lol :oP) Anywayz I finally have it now! So I'll be keeping it ready for when me & Dr get our own place :o) xXx

 Custom Card - Lilly's Night Garden (Folksy)

I was asked wot design I would like for my custom made card and as I love rainbow colours I was quick to put this idea forward lol :oP when asked wot I'd like for the actual card I mentioned about a fortune cookie I had many years ago and that the fortune inside had stuck in my mind for a while and it was "Live Your Dream, Don't Dream Your Life" so I ask her if she could incorporate this into the design :o) unfortunately she was unable to put any fortune cookies into the design but its still come out rather lovely :o)