Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

I've been nominated for The Stylish Blogger Award by MillieBead thanks so much!! :o)

Stylish Blog Award Rules!

The rules of the nomination are
1. Thank the person and include the link for the nomination.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3.Nominate 15 blogs for the award.

7 Things about Me......

1) My nickname is Womble cos I have a huge grey fluffy coat I lived in for many years lol
2) I live in Oldbury in the West Midlands (not far from Birmingham)
3) I have 2 different coloured eyes (one green, one hazel)
4) I'm gonna be 30 this year! :oS
5) I've been crafting since January 2010
6) The Kokokelli name is a play on Kokopelli & my name (Kelly)
7) I've not had many sales so I'm sad :o) pop by my shop and cheer me up lol

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Final Countdown! VOTE NOW!!

GREAT NEWS!! I made it to the final round of the Pascoe Pop Art Competition!! So now me and 2 other finalists are battling it out head to head! :o)

So I really really really need you guys to vote for me to win plz plz plz as I really want to win this! All you need to do is 'like' my photo here......

NOTE: If you didn't vote for me in the previous round you will need to 'like' the Pascoe Pop Art page 1st before you can vote.

I've decided that EVERYONE who votes for me will be put into a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY and if I win one lucky person will win a SPECIAL PRIZE :o)

NOTE: Don't forget if you have the new facebook you can vote with your Personal Profile and Fan Page Profile so technically you can vote TWICE! So that might double your chances of winning! :o)

Also if anyone would like to help by posting the link on THEIR page it would be much appreciated (I need all the help I can get! :oS) Thanks to all you lovely peeps who have voted so far! I love you all! It would mean so much to win this lovely prize and it would look gr8 on the wall when me and my gorgeous Dr finally get our own place :o)

Voting ends on 28th February so plz hurry! Ask your friends & family to vote too if you can!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Very Valentino!!

Okies so here are my lovely picks from Folksy's Valentino's for this week! :o) hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day!! xXx






..... RedPaint!

Well my Valentine's Day wasn't too bad :o) Dr bought me some lovely flowers and 2 boxes of chocs (so did alot better than the naff all I had off him last year lol :oP) but looks like I spoilt him again this year :o( don't mean to but can't help myself lol I just like to buy him nice things cos I love him loads! :o) xXx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Please I need your help to win this!!!

Okies my favest pic of me & my lovely Dr has made it into Round 1 of the Pascoe Pop Art's Competition and I really need as many peeps as possible to vote for my photo! :o) if you are on facebook (or know someone with a facebook account) then please please please vote for my pic by clicking on the link below and then click on 'like' underneath the photo

Vote for my photo here please!!!

It would mean so much to win this as we were both made redundant last year and have still not managed to find new jobs yet so we could never afford to buy something like this at the moment :o( and I think it would look brilliant on the wall when we get our own place when we do eventually manage to find new jobs.

So please please please vote for my pic and ask your friends to vote too! If I'm one of the top 3 I go through to the final round to win it on canvas for FREE! If I win in the final round I may have a good ole giveaway to celebrate ;o)

Many thanks to everyone who is voting, I love you all!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Valentino's This week are....

Okies so I've had a a flick through some of the lovely Valentino's gorgeous items (believe me there is too much to choose from) and I thought considering the shitty weather peeps are having at the moment I thought these might brighten up the day :o) and don't forget to check out their shops!! xXx







That's it for this week folks don't forget to check out my shop too! I'm determined to sell at least one of my Valentine's Cards :o(

Welcome to my Domain!!

Okies so I've been thinking about it for a while but I have now officially bought my own domain :o) and in the near future I will be setting up my own website where you'll be able to post custom order enquiries and hopefully buy my stuff straight from there too! How cool is that?!! Which means prices will be abit cheaper too (will still have to add on paypal fees but because it will be my own site there will be no extra listing fee's to add on too yay) so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for the launch of my very own website!! Oooooo how exciting! Just wish I hadn't bought them 2000 business cards as I'm gonna need to add on the web address now too :oS oooooops! lol xXx

Friday, 4 February 2011

Bye Bye Ciggies!!!

Well the day has finally come! As of today me and the lovely Dr are smoking no more! (well that's the plan anywayz lol :oP)
It's gonna be tough cos not only have we decided to quit on a weekend which is when we usually smoke the most, we're doing it 'Cold Turkey' too! :oS lol our friends whose house we go around is sposed to be quitting too (but will have to wait and see bout that one lol) I hope they do as it will make it alot less hard when we're down there.
So why quit now? I hear you all ask! Well.... the plan is that we're both trying to get healthier ready for when we get new jobs cos then we're gonna start looking for our own place (yay!) and then when we've found our lil love nest we're gonna start trying for a baby! :o) YAAAAAAAAY!! lol Afterall we're both 30 this year and not getting any younger lol and I've always said I'd like to have both my kids by the time I'm 35ish so I can have plenty of years watching them grow up and start their own families :o) Plus I think after the 'baby scare' the beginning of this year we both realised how much we'd like to have a baby (even tho obviously at this moment in time its not the best situation lol) cos even though we were abit relieved it was negative we were both surprisingly disappointed that it wasn't positive :o( lol.
So we made a plan that when we both get jobs we're looking for our own place and then gonna spend a few months eating healthier & exercising more, gonna quit drinking and then start trying for our lil baby DrWomble :o) So quitting smoking is the 1st step for me on the road to leading a healthier lifestyle. I also need to start exercising more as I'm becoming lazy through having no job for nearly 12mths :o( but I can start focusing on a proper routine when we get our own place and there's more room to get back into my yoga :o) I also need to work on my diet and start eating more fruit and introducing veg as I don't eat any (I'm doing well I like roast parsnips now and have been eating lil bits of carrot too lol) the lovely Dr sez I must eat more veg when I'm pregnant especially so we're gonna try and find more ways of getting it into me, he did suggest smoothies but it just depends wot we can mix with it so it doesn't taste like veg lol :oP but one thing at a time though eh?! lol at least I have some motivation now to keep me going :o) I'm gonna get to have a lil baby (well we gonna try n e wayz lol) xXx

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Look out there's Valentinos about!!

Okies so January came to a very quick end as did the Folksy 'Resolution Revolution' but never fear February is here and so are 'The Valentinos' :o) so here a few picks from some of our fellow Valentinos Shops ENJOY!! :o) xXx







Okies so these are my picks for this week, I'll be showcasing more Valentinos next week! Don't worry if you don't get featured as I'll be doing this all year hopefully so eventually everyone should get featured at some point :o) here are a couple of my listings for Valentinos.....

 'Valentino' Necklace & Earring Set

'Gothika' Necklace & Earring Set