Thursday, 13 January 2011

Addicted to Vistaprint? Me? Nooooooo! lol :oP

Hiya folks I just thought I'd share with you some of the lovely Items that I've had made at Vistaprint for my Kokokelli business :o) I really need to stop spending there tho otherwise I'm not gonna have any money left lol :oS xXx

Kokokelli Business Cards (Calendar Reverse Side)

Kokokelli 2011 Calendar

Kokokelli Mugs

Kokokelli Postcard's

Kokokelli Small Tote Bag's

Kokokelli 2011 Diarie's

Kokokelli Mousemat

I also have a T-shirt on the way too lol :oS defo not buying anymore after that unless the money starts pouring in (which I doubt as I haven't even had my 1st sale of the year yet so far :o( sniff sniff lol) 

I also had these cool Badges & Fridge Magnet's made at

pretty cool huh? lol ;o)

Yeh so I need all you good peeps to start buying up all my stock now please! Alot of this stuff is gonna be used in my giveaways for this year :o) xXx


  1. I really want to know how you made the diaries. I too use VP for the majority of my marketing materials.

  2. I just went onto the weekly planner section on Vistaprint, picked a background and then uploaded my pictures I wanted to use and posistioned them where I wanted them. Then picked what I wanted on the inside covers and voila! The Kokokelli 2011 Diary is born! xXx