Monday, 18 April 2011

Going through a bad patch :o(

Hey folks, soz I not been about lately, I seem to be going through abit of a bad patch :o( am just feeling generally low and unmotivated :o( am just a big emotional yo-yo at the moment. As a few of you may know I was made redundant from my job of 6yrs the end of march 2010 and have yet to find a new one :o( same for my boyf as he worked at the same place :o( I've not been feeling very crafty lately too and seemed to have lost my crafty mojo :o( I've not been promoting my business much on twitter either so my google analytics is at an all time low :o( I've still not finished the shop on my website cos I've just not felt upto doing it :o( me and Dr haven't been away for a weekend since feb 2010 cos we can't afford it :o( also I'm gonna be turning 30 in 10 days time and I spose a few things are hitting home :o( ...... a) I'm gonna be 30!, b) I'm still living with my folks as I have no job, c) me and Dr can't get our own place until we can find new jobs, d) me and dr can't have a baby until we can get our own place, e) lifes just poo! lol :o( just soooooooooo fed up! When am I gonna get a break?! :o( xXx


  1. Oh i know exactly how you feel! I was made redundant from my job of 10yrs last July. I went back in Jan this year as a casual but the warehouse is closing this June so redundancy again! As with you, i work with my hubby so in about 6 weeks time we will both be unemployed. We have been applying for job but with no success so far. Looks like we'll be surviving on benefits. Take comfort in knowing we are not the only ones. Times are tough for a lot of people out there.
    Carol x

  2. sorry to hear that carol :o( I know wot you mean but its just sooooo frustrating as its the lack of jobs holding us back from doing wot we want to do ie. get our own place and start a family :o( just seems like its taking forever :o( and I said I'd like at least one kid by the time I'm 30 and both of them by the time I'm 35 :o( not looking good so far :o( sigh xXx

  3. Sorry to hear everything is so crap. Are you and the Dr on the waiting list for a council place? Won't hurt to get on it, even if it is years long, as at least it's a back up for some time in the future. And although I shouldn't say this, I know damn well they'll be much quicker to give you a place if you're already knocked up.

    James and I won't have a pot to piss in if I conceive, especially with the wedding and all, but we're still trying because time's getting on for me.

    I hope you feel better soon and the sunshine cheers you up, but if not, don't worry. It WILL pass and there will be a bright future ahead of you x x x

  4. I really do hope so Leah :o( it seems as if I go through a load of shit and then summet good happens. The last lot of good being me n Dr getting together which means I'm gonna have to go through another load of shit before summet else good happens. I really do think all it will take is one of us to find a job and then the other will get the motivation and the kick up the arse they need lol :oP Dr used to be on the council but that was years ago so would probs have to re-apply now, but no doubt we'd be right at the very bottom :o( xXx

  5. This is so sad to read :( Don't give up hope. I know its not the same as having a job but have you thought about volunteering somewhere while you look for work. It might help you keep a routine and give your self esteem a boost. I'm hanging on in work at the moment but I know there are cuts in the pipeline. Your jewellery really is beautiful so don't stop promoting it.