Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wombley Green-Fingers! :o)

I dunno if its old age (since turning 30 lol) but I've been feeling very green-fingered lately and have started off some Chilli's which are now seedlings and am also growing some Cress which Dr bought me for my Buftdy :o) I also received some Amaryllis Seeds the end of last year and have been floating them California Style for the last 2 weeks. I nearly lost all hope as most of them sank which means they are non-viable :o( but there were 2 left floating and the other day I noticed a small root coming out of 1 of them! :o) So I've potted that up today too and left the other 1 floating incase that forms a root too! So me (being me lol) has took some photos to show you all!! :o)

 Chilli Seedlings :o)

Amaryllis - Seed lying flat on top with root in compost :o)

Cress Pot - after just a day! :o)

Cress Pot - day 2 :o)

Cress Pot - day 3 :o)

Cress Pot - day 4 :o)

Cress Pot - day 5 :o)

Now I've just got the urge to grow more stuff!! :o) I might get meself one of them funky Herb Pots (would love a rainbow one!) and grow me some Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Coriander etc. to use in cooking as I've got the urge to start cooking more stuff too :o) might even convince my mom to grow some garlic in her veg plot in the garden (even tho she hates garlic) cos it sez it keeps the pests away which she would love lol :o)

Hopefully this is the start of trying to eat more healthier, but obviously it wont be fully in place until me and my lovely Dr get our own place :o( but we'll be spending next week together as we'll be housesitting for his sister :o) he's gonna be making Chicken Butters and a Lamb Roast and I've picked Fettuccine Carbonara and Lamb & Fetta Meatballs in Sweet and Sour Sauce :o) problem is I'm not sure wot to make to go with it as I got the recipes off the internet :oS am thinking about salad with the pasta but not sure wot to do with the meatballs? :oS Am thinking maybe some noodles? Will let you know how we get on and don't worry you know me so I'll be taking some photo's to show you lol :oP Hopefully too I'll have some time to work on my Kokokelli Website and see if I can finish the shop listings :o) then all I gotta do is make sure the shopping system is working properly and then the shop will finally be open!! :o) so fingers crossed!!!

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