Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Kokokelli 2012 Calendar Giveaway

I've been thinking all year what I could possibly do for my 2012 Calendar and toying with lots of ideas. I was originally going to get fans to send in photo's of them wearing items they've bought from me but no one seemed interested :o( I also looked into getting some models to take some photo's for me but the way I intended doing it proved a lil risky and could prove to cost me alot in the long run :o( so I've now decided to have a go at doing the modeling myself :o) only problem is I don't know which items to use for the photo's :oS That's where YOU come in!!! I need you to tell me which items you think would look good in my 2012 Calendar and why :o) I need a mixture of jewellery, accessories & cards. One lucky winner will win a FREE copy of the final Kokokelli 2012 Calendar along with a few other goodies ;o)

For how to enter head on over to my Kokokelli Website and check out the 'Competitions' tab at the top of the page!

Good Luck Everyone!!

xXx Womble xXx

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