Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gonna Miss You Big Fella :o(

So sad as I found out today that Dr's sister's Bulldog Bailey has sadly died :o( gonna miss you loads big fella so this is my lil tribute to you and even though I only knew you for the last couple of years you will have a place in my heart forever :o( xXx

Saft as a bottle of pop!

the toothless walrus!

slept for england!

the original nodding dog!

farted in his sleep!

his sexy pose!

Did yoga in his sleep!

RIP Bailey Big Balls, Sweet Dreams :o( xXx


  1. Oh sorry to hear about Bailey. He looked such a character :0(

  2. It is so sad when we loose a pet, dogs are wonderful to have around us.
    Bye Bailey x

  3. He was a lovely dog with a gr8 character too. Didn't have a care in the world, just used to potter about all day sleeping, eating, pooping and then sleeping some more lol he'd even walk around and then just stand there and fall asleep too pmsl :oP and he farted in his sleep too :oS lol. Is gonna be weird when we go round there and he's not there tho :o( so glad that they kept Harvey from their last litter otherwise Missy would've been left on her own :o( xXx