Saturday, 12 March 2011

Look wot came today!!! :o)

Yes look wot came today folks!! Yes it's my lovely competition prize from Pascoe Pop Art that I won!! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me and I hope my giveaway winners like their prizes too :o) just a shame that Dr has admited that he don't like it cos he doesn't like pop art :o( just wish he'd of told me that before I worked my ass off to win :o( lol so I told him tough shit it's going on the wall when we eventually get our own place after all the effort I put in lol :oP xXx

My lovely competition prize :o)

I love it even tho Dr don't like it lol :oP

Customised Giveaway Prizes for the winner's of my Giveaway :o)


  1. Love the picture, and very well deserved too! Congratulations! :O) x

  2. That is amazing. Glad I voted for you xxx

  3. Thanks so much I'm reallt chuffed with it :o) xXx