Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mooooooooooore Mumu :o)

Okies so I couldn't find any decent cat tags for my lil Mumu :o( so I designed one myself :o) and have got the lovely Tina from BowWowzerZ to make it for me! :o)

Pretty kwl huh? :o) I'll try and get a pic of him wearing it once he's big enough as It's gonna look so kwl with the cow print collar I've bought for him too! :o) so here's some more pics of my lil fella to melt your hearts :o)


slippy slidey floor

me no likey heights mama wombley!

Oooooo wot's that?

WTF did you do to Ewok man?!

sleepytime now mama wombley

I'm cute play with me too!

belly rubs

me & my Mumu


  1. He's nearly 4 weeks old now and such a character already lol he's very inquisitive and abit silly at the same time (eg when he was practicing pouncing the other week he ended up headbutting the wall pmsl :oP) can't wait to start buying all his stuff, I've got loads in my watch list on ebay :o) just gonna be weird not seeing him when he moves into Dr's house :o( so we defo need to get our own place soon! xXx