Friday, 26 August 2011

My Clever Boy

Well Mumu is doing well and growing up fast. He's eating solids and drinking on his own (with a lil top up from his mom) I've ordered all his stuff ready for when he moves into Dr's house and its starting to arrive daily :o) sooooooo excited! Here's a few more pics for you all!!

 Smiley Mumu

Mumu loves kitten milk nomnom

Mumu does his business in the litter tray

Mumu loves a fuss

Mumu loves to play

Mumu loves to shut the dogs outside lol

Mumu loves to sleep

Mumu loves to explore

Mumu has lovely eyes


  1. Awww! He is super cute! *jealous* x x x

  2. Oh, bless his little heart, and the pic of him sleeping, oh I just wanna hug him!!! xx

  3. I know guys he's such a lovely lil character and I'm gonna miss him sooooooooo much when he moves into Dr's house cos I wont be able to go and see him :o( but Dr promised to take plenty photos for me and maybe some video's too :o) so we defo need to get our own place soon so he doesn't forget about me :o( xXx

  4. Oh he's so cute! Reminds me of my two when they were tiny. Love the picture where he is falling asleep licking his paw, that's so adorable!x

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