Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Greenfinger's Update #5

Well it's been another productive day as me & mom have been out in the garden (apart from the April showers lol) and I managed to cover her potatoes as they started coming through. I also helped her set up her canes ready for her Runner Beans :o) There is some sad news as one of my Aubergine seedlings died so now I only have one :o( so I've had to plant some more seeds so fingers crossed they grow ok!.....

Planted the gorgeous Red Dogwood I got from Poundland :o) If it grows it's gonna look epic!

Planted some Oat Grass (Cat Grass) for my Kitties :o)

Alfalfa & Mustard looking yummy :o) taste yummy too!

Potted up my Scotch Bonnet seedlings and the only one of my Fruity Chilli's that has grown so far :o)

Took me 2.5hrs to tease these Night Scented Stock seedlings out of the propagator and put them carefully into this seed tray and 3 pots :o)

Started off some Sweet Pepper's :o) used the seeds out of one we bought from the shop for our dinner one night.

Lettuce are shooting right up! I'll have to transfer these to a large tray soon :o)

Rocket/Spinach/Mixed Salad are growing great so far! :o)

I has Parsley! :o)

I has Tarragon! :o)

Re-potted my Sunflowers :o) Bill & Ben

The cane's I helped mom set up on her vegetable plot :o)

Only planted my Red Dogwood 5 days ago and the new shoots that were on there are already getting a reddish tinge :o)

All in all so far so good I say! :o) I'm still waiting for my Cerinthe, Strawberries and Venus Fly Trap's to grow, aswell as some of my herbs but a few of these can take upto 12 weeks to germinate so it's going to be a long wait :o( but will be well worth it in the end :o)

Waiting patiently!

xXx Womble xXx

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