Thursday, 5 April 2012

Greenfinger's Update #4

So the weather has been all over the place at the mo, one week it's scorching hot then the next week it's high winds and snow :oS (only in Britain eh? lol) so my plant's haven't really been growing much :o( but some have been sprouting and I've I've found some more stuff to grow lol (YES! MORE! lol)........

I bought some more Chives and some Garlic Chives to grow in the 2 small barrels I bought from Poundland :o)

I have Night Scented Stock seedlings! YAY! :o)

I found a Strawberry Plant mixed in with the weeds in the garden, a bird or squirrel must've 'deposited' it lol. So I've potted it up, fingers crossed it will grow! Not sure wot kinda strawberrie's it will produce :o)

I have Scotch Bonnet seedlings coming up! YAY! :o)

Just planted the Pea's I bought from the 99p Store yesterday :o)

Just planted the Lavender seeds I got from The Works yesterday :o)

So as you can see I'm really going for it this year! lol I've even surprised myself! :o) I just hope it's all a success (fingers crossed!) I also bought a lovely Red Dogwood shrub from Poundland but I wont be planting that until I get my dad to drill some holes in the large pot I bought for it today :o) I also managed to find a big purple container in Homebase that I can put my Cerinthe in once it's grown! Plus a few other pots from Poundstretcher :o) Some of my herbs still haven't sprouted yet which is abit worrying :oS but gonna give it another couple of weeks and if still no sign will just plant some more seeds lol ;o) Just need that gorgeous summer weather to come along now!

xXx Womble xXx

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