Monday, 20 September 2010

Diaries Are Now Available!!

Okies so do you remember me mentioning that I had designed a diary page for the 2011 Diary Project? Yeh you do surely?! I designed the page for December 2011

Well I've just had an email saying the diaries are now available to purchase!!! Yay!! So I've just ordered my copy :o) If you participated and designed a page for the diary you can purchase your copy/copies here at a slightly discounted price. If you did not take part you can still buy this diary at it's full price here these would make great gifts for your friends & family and would really help promote the handmade & crafty community. Why not buy some for christmas presents?! You can even download and print a variety of different covers for it or even just design your own to make it extra special :o)

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