Monday, 6 September 2010

September begins the ***September Stars!!***

The A-Team for August has finished but never fear September brings the beginning of the September Stars!! There are some old faces and a few new ones too which shows how popular this is becoming. The sales are going up for lots of peeps (alas not for me tho :o( sniff sniff lol ) so here are some the September Stars listings that have caught my eye :o) make sure you check out their shops for loads more gorgeous items, just click on the links!! xXx






Okies so I know I've been slacking in the 'bloggin' department but I've been busy enjoying some quality time with my gorgeous 'Dr' while my folks was away on hols so I had to do some catching up on the crafting front so here are my latest offerings for the September Stars :o) My 'Olympia' Necklace & Earring Sets!

If anyone happens to see the Sales Fairy please send her my way please!!!


  1. Love all the selection you have included from the September Stars including your 'Olympia Sets'!

    I'm sure the sales fairy will be making an appearance soon!

    Jen x

  2. Thanks so much for including my peacock card. He's honoured to be displayed amongst such lovely items!!
    Your jewellery is lovely so I'm sure you'll sell some soon :)


  3. Thank you for featuring my wee fairy door! I hope we all have have a visit from the sales fairy soon :)

  4. Thanks guys for lovely comments :o) xXx

  5. Gorgeous choices. Cant pick a fav as love them all. Your necklaces are very cute too