Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Puppy Update! New Pics! :o)

Okies so I said I would be posting new pics as they grow up so as promised here's some more I took over the last 2 days of puppysitting :o) on a sad note tho there are now only 5 :o( as the tiny brown one from the first set of pic's died over the weekend :o( the others are doing great though :o) so now there are 4 boys and 1 girl xXx

 nomnom time! lol




Male (I call this one Monkey lol)


With Mom Missy (looking shattered)

Bellies full, sleepytime!


Giz a cuddle

I needed some love cos I'm a right whinger lol

I'm a lil flasher! lol

We're small and cute and poop for fkn england! lol

Well there you go folks, hopefully next time we visit they'll have their eyes and ears open and will be trying to walk (now that's funny to watch lmao)


  1. awww .... adorable!

    Maria x

  2. Oh my goodness! Such cuteness!!!! Awwww x

  3. Oh my days - the cuteness - I am just melting looking at these photos!! How adorable they are! I'm so sorry that one of them died - poor wee thing. They are just choochy!

  4. There was 9 in total, 2 died during the pregnany, 1 died of breathing complications at a couple of days old and then the tiniest one (just 4 inches long) died last weekend :o( so just 5 now xXx