Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Octoberfolkfest Halloween Spookfest!

Okies so I've just realised I haven't done any blogging during the Octoberfolkfest Listings on Folksy :oS (Oooops soz guys I've been really busy this month) so I've decided to do a Halloween themed blog featuring items from our folkfesters just to make up for it :o) don't forget to check out their other items xXx







The only Halloweenish thing I've made lately was my Giveaway Prize on my fanpage which was this cute lil Halloween Bracelet  :o)

I haven't really done much crafting either apart from making Christmas Card orders and a few bits for friends and family so hopefully I'll be listing some new items soon, still doing quite well though considering as I've had 5 sales so far in October :o) bring on the Christmas Rush!!!

1 comment:

  1. Love your Halloween feature and your pumpkin bracelet!

    Thanks so much for including my earrings amongst many of my Folksy favourites :-)

    Jen x