Friday, 4 February 2011

Bye Bye Ciggies!!!

Well the day has finally come! As of today me and the lovely Dr are smoking no more! (well that's the plan anywayz lol :oP)
It's gonna be tough cos not only have we decided to quit on a weekend which is when we usually smoke the most, we're doing it 'Cold Turkey' too! :oS lol our friends whose house we go around is sposed to be quitting too (but will have to wait and see bout that one lol) I hope they do as it will make it alot less hard when we're down there.
So why quit now? I hear you all ask! Well.... the plan is that we're both trying to get healthier ready for when we get new jobs cos then we're gonna start looking for our own place (yay!) and then when we've found our lil love nest we're gonna start trying for a baby! :o) YAAAAAAAAY!! lol Afterall we're both 30 this year and not getting any younger lol and I've always said I'd like to have both my kids by the time I'm 35ish so I can have plenty of years watching them grow up and start their own families :o) Plus I think after the 'baby scare' the beginning of this year we both realised how much we'd like to have a baby (even tho obviously at this moment in time its not the best situation lol) cos even though we were abit relieved it was negative we were both surprisingly disappointed that it wasn't positive :o( lol.
So we made a plan that when we both get jobs we're looking for our own place and then gonna spend a few months eating healthier & exercising more, gonna quit drinking and then start trying for our lil baby DrWomble :o) So quitting smoking is the 1st step for me on the road to leading a healthier lifestyle. I also need to start exercising more as I'm becoming lazy through having no job for nearly 12mths :o( but I can start focusing on a proper routine when we get our own place and there's more room to get back into my yoga :o) I also need to work on my diet and start eating more fruit and introducing veg as I don't eat any (I'm doing well I like roast parsnips now and have been eating lil bits of carrot too lol) the lovely Dr sez I must eat more veg when I'm pregnant especially so we're gonna try and find more ways of getting it into me, he did suggest smoothies but it just depends wot we can mix with it so it doesn't taste like veg lol :oP but one thing at a time though eh?! lol at least I have some motivation now to keep me going :o) I'm gonna get to have a lil baby (well we gonna try n e wayz lol) xXx


  1. Well done you and good luck, I stopped 5 yrs ago and it is suprising how easy it can be when working towards something, mine was also working to getting pregnant. One of the best things I ever did was read a book that basically informed me that ciggie cravings are no worse than hunger cravings and that the whole 'its really hard work dealing with the cravings' is just hype by ciggie companies and nicotine replacement manufacturers,, keep faith in what you have planned for the future (drink plenty of water to deal with the hunger cravings) and the jobs a goodun' you will have cracked it!

  2. I really want to do it this time, I quit 3 or 4 years ago when I was still with my ex but there was that much shit & stress going on I ended up starting again. I was on the patches that time tho so I was ok until I had to stop using them after the 3mths and then I started having the odd one and then it was just a pack of 10 of a saturday when when I went to my friends house who smoked like troopers and then before you know it, it was all the time again :o( lol xXx

  3. I'm so proud of you, giving up smoking is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself, and I know it is going to be hard work, and you wonder what you've let yourself in for, but the pay back at the end will be phenominal.

    Everything crossed for you, but you're a strong and motivated woman and I know you can succeed.

    Natalie x

  4. Great work, Kellie ! I stopped 3 weeks ago , my chest was like a dust bin ! Now, no more coughing and aheezing but I'm addicted to mini lollipops ! Good luck, pm me if you need support, and I recommend New Leaf, they are fantastic.

  5. Well 1st day wasn't so bad, armed myself with polo's and chewing gum lol, Dr is even hungrier than he normally is tho :oS and he eats loads already (yet he's like a rake lol)I was eating bananas and rusks cos he said I wasn't allowed cheese savouries no more cos they too fattening :o( so he got some dragon fruit and kiwi for tnite which I've never tried before :o) xXx