Friday, 30 March 2012

Greenfinger's Update #3

Well I've been making the most of the glorious weather we've been having lately and frankly my plants have been loving it too! Alot of my stuff is starting to grow now :o) .......

Potted up my Chilli's, Pepper's & Aubergines's that have grown so far :o)

All my Onions are growing now! :o)

 My Chives are finally starting to grow :o)

My Lettuce are starting to get second set of leaves :o)

Rocket, Spinach & Mixed Salad Leaves are shooting :o)

Starting to get green shoots on my Garlic :o)

I've also been out and bought some new things to grow lol yes I know I can't stop now! I'm having too much fun! :o)

Got a Strawberry growing set from the 99p store so started them off :o)

Bought an Aloe Vera growing set from Wilko's so started that off :o)

Bought these funky White Strawberry shoots from Wilko's too so hope they grow :o)

Bought some Night Scented Stock seeds from Savacentre so have started them off too :o)

Got myself a Thermometer for inside my mini greenhouse so I can keep track of the temperature inside :o)

This is the only Wild Rocket that actually grew last year and it survived the winter! 
The hot weather has made it grow like wildfire!

The Amaryllis I started growing last year has formed a small bulb now so I repotted it :o)

mini greenhouse is now a full house! :o)

So far so good folks!!! :o) 

xXx Womble xXx


  1. wow! You are going to need a second greenhouse soon! Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Pepper's. I tried last year and failed (they all started turning black and tasted horrible!).


  2. I did start some Pepper's last year but it was far too late so by the time the Pepper's stareted to form the cold weather had already began :o( so fingers crossed! xXx