Saturday, 14 August 2010

Getting to Know Kokokelli :o) Your Questions Answered

Getting to Know....


DiomoGlass : What one thing could you not live without?

Hmmmmm that’s a tough one. I’d like to say my gorgeous boyfriend the ‘Dr’ lol but sometimes he pisses me right off lmao :oP I dunno really…. I guess sometimes we take our lives for granted a lot cos there’s always someone else worse off than yourself, so I guess I feel lucky that I’ve got my arms & legs and that I can see, speak and hear cos I don’t think I could live without those things.

JaneAustenJewelleryDesign : If money were no object, what would be your ideal place to live/lifestyle choice?

Hmmmmm that’s another toughie lol I haven’t been many places and I’ve only ever been abroad to France and Majorca so I don’t really know wot other countries are like. I also don’t think I could move too far away from my parents while they’re still with us as I’m a family kinda person and would miss them too much. I spose in a fantasy dream I’d like to live somewhere peaceful near a beautiful lake with gorgeous scenery, maybe in a cottage/cabin of some sort with a huge fireplace (and a big fluffy rug ;o) lol)

HartJewellery : If you could have a super power for a day what would it be and why?

If I could have a superpower just for one day hmmmm it would have to be time travel or summet like that (I love Dr Who lol)

AudreysCat : How would you describe your ideal home ? colours/style etc

I have lots of different tastes really and love lots of different styles so it would probably be a big mish mash of all those lmao I like some modern styles and a lot of retro style shapes and things. But I also love lots of wooden things and carved wood from other countries. I love some of the houses you see on those programs like Grand Designs and the ‘Dr’ has always said he’d like to build us a house one day which would be nice cos he likes a lot of the same things that I do :o)

Teabreaks : If you could have another “eye”…where would you put it??

Lol! Probably in the back of my head lol abit of a boring answer I know :o( lol

TopFloorTreasures : If you could have a celebrity grandad who would it be??

Oooooo I dunno….. Probably someone creepy looking like Anthony Hopkins or summet like that lmao :oP

Aprilisforever : If you were a cake what type would you be and why?

Battenburg cos I absolutely love it!!! It’s funky looking and tastes yummy! And I love Marzipan Mmmmmm lol :o)

BootiesByDannie : If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I’d like to be able to heal people or bring them back to live or something like that cos it would be nice to have something that could help other people aswell as yourself :o)

Spjewellery : When hollywood come knocking wanting to make a film about your life story who will play you?

The guy who played sloth in the goonies! Pmsl :oP Nah I dunno really probably someone down to earth like Drew Barrymore lol or Lori Petty like in Tank Girl to show my wild side heheh

Maxineveronica : If you had to Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford or Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp of course!!!!! Captain Jack Sparrow :o) Mmmmmmm……

Christmascottagecrafts : Whats your favourite waste of time?? :)

Crafting lol :oP Cos I love it but it seems a waste of time at the moment as I’m not selling much :o( lol

EyeLove : How much do you use ketchup? (1 – not at all, 5 – on all foods)

I’d say about a 3 cos I like it on my chips and when I have bacon, sausage and eggs :o)

Littleshop : What’s your guilty pleasure??!

I have lots of sweet teeth! Lol so for me its cakes and puddings and n e thing sweet or chocolately :o) I keep having cravings for cheesecake at the mo dunno why :oS (no I’m not up the duff lol)

Greatgreenltd : Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration just from everyday life really and stuff that I love and that I’ve grown up with.

Prototyper : If you had the choice to go horse racing, to a proper rugby game or a test match (cricket), which one would you choose (our future happiness together may ride on this)?

Considering as I hate sport I’d have to say horse racing I spose cos I do like to have a bet every now and again lol

GelertDesign : Is there anybody's work on Folksy that has made you think "Oooh I really want to try that"?

I love DiomoGlass’s work and that looks like it might be fun to do and I’ve always loved all those kinda tie dye clothes like wot Cheerymishmash makes so that would probably be fun to try :o)

Spjewellery : Do you have any pets and if so what super hero power would you like them to have?

I don’t have any pets anymore unfortunately cos they died :o( I used to have 3 hamsters called Shadow, Willow and Keshi who I loved dearly. Shadow and Willow died while I was holiday in Majorca in 2008 so I dint get chance to say goodbye :o( and then Keshi died in 2009. They were my 3 lil girls and I miss them loads. If I could’ve picked super powers for them I’d have to say super speed for Shadow cos she never used to keep still for long (especially of a night time pmsl), invisibility for Willow cos she was always nervous and jumpy as she used to be mistreated by her previous owner (I adopted her from Pets at Home), and Jeckyl & Hyde type power for Keshi for her Jeckyl & Hyde type personality lmao nice one minute psycho the next heheheh

Thanks for all your questions guys and I hope you enjoyed my answers. Hopefully you also learned abit more about me too :o)


  1. Ha! All so very interesting! You really are quite mad - such a good way to be!:)(And thanks for the mention!)

  2. What a great q&a session. Very interesting ;)

  3. Cooool Defo Cap'n Jack Sparrow for me too lol ;o)

  4. What a great idea that was, good answers too. I really enjoyed the blog.

  5. good answers.....what a good idea to ask us to do this...

  6. Great blog! It's great to see another side to a fellow folkster lol! Jo x

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys and I can't belive it took you so long to realise I was mad DiomoGlass!! pmsl :oP