Monday, 2 August 2010

Krafting with Kokokelli :o)

Ok so I haven't done any crafting for nearly 2 weeks (omg!) due to housesitting and lack of motivation and sales :o( but I got a sale the weekend (thanks to the lovely mish :o) lol) and remembered it's my moms birthday Sunday (oh noes :oS lol) so I thought I'd make her a new necklace using some of the tube beads she gave me from the broken 80's choker she had and this was what happened..............

 This is my workshop (ie my bedroom lmao :oP)

and here's me crafting away lol

This is the necklace I made for my Mom's birthday :o) hope she likes it!!!

So that was my busy afternoon today!! :o) lol xXx


  1. Your mum will love it!! And every genius has to have their own creative space - where ever it is!

  2. Awwwww I'm not a genius (well maybe a lil bit lol) :oP xXx

  3. you work on your bed!!!! I often create cross legged on the floor and it is doing my hips in LOL!

    beautiful necklace, I hope she likes it, those little stars are fab :)

  4. I know wot you mean about the hip thing!!! I can't stop figiting around cos of my hips and legs!! lol xXx

  5. For my first attempt at a 3-tier necklace I think I did well, need to make the bottom row a lil longer next time tho or the middle slightly shorter :o) xXx