Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sales Fairies for everyone!!!!

Many of us crafter's go through the struggle of making sale's every once in a while and are forever seeking the 'Sales Fairy' to pay them a visit..... :o(  well now you can own your own 'Sales Fairy' Good Luck Keyring!!! (Well not quite yet I have to wait for my laptop to come back from repair first) but I can give you a taster of what they're gonna be like :o) you can use them as keyrings, bag charms or even just put it on display and I'm sure the Sales Fairy will pop and make you a visit :o) xXx

Here it is wot you guys think??

Each one comes with th initials S & F and a lil Fairy Charm

and at the bottom is a lil vial of fairy dust :o)

The Sales Fairy wont be able to keep away with one of these :o)


  1. That's so lovely, nice one! Wishing you many sales too!

  2. Thank you hun I hope so too :o) xXx

  3. Oh I likes it!!! Let's hope it works some magic!!!

    :o) x

  4. It is really lovely...but does it work? lol. x

  5. You'll have to buy one and see lol ;o) xXx

  6. They are now for sale in my folksy shop :o) xXx