Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My Moms lovely Garden :o)

The sun was out and it was my Mom's birthday Sunday 8th August so after we got back from 'The Three Pears' we decided to sit out in the garden and soak up the sun :o) so I decided to take some pics which came out quite nice so I may turn them into cards not sure yet............

Brother Stu, Dad, Mom, Me! lol


  1. that is a beautiful garden, love all the flowers, and the bridge over (is it) slate is cool, you look like a happy friendly bunch of people :)

  2. Lovely garden! Wish ours was as organized lol - my mum loves to grow fruit and veg, so it's like an allotment!!!

  3. Your Mum has the same taste in flowers as we do in our garden.
    Yep! you could make some great cards from your pics
    Jeanie x