Thursday, 22 March 2012

Greenfinger's Update #1

Okies so I've found more stuff to grow :o) YAY!..........

In here are the 3 onions left over from the ones my mom has planted :o)

In here is the Garlic Dr gave me :o) there are 10 cloves so I should get 10 Garlic bulbs!

In here I've planted Lettuce seeds of the Webbs variety :o) they should be similar to Iceberg

In here I planted mom's Vivaldi Potatoes, there's 2 sacs with 5 seed potatoes in each :o)

In here I've started off Scotch Bonnet's from the seeds I took out of some shop bought ones we used :o)

In here will hopefully be some Venus Fly Traps :o) I bought a growing kit off ebay and there were 12 seeds so I'm trying out 4 to start with

In here I'm doing some Alfalfa & Mustard Micro-Greens for using in salads :o)

In here I've planted some gorgeous Cerinthe seeds I bought from Webbs of Wychbold today. If they grow I will be putting them in a purple pot (if I can find one lol) to help bring out the purple of the flowers and contrast with the greens & blues of the leaves :o)

I've actually got some seedlings starting to come through on some of the stuff I'm growing so I will post some pics of those next time :o) stay tuned folks!

xXx Womble xXx


  1. Its well worth investing in a small water butt if you're growing carnivorous plants as they usually only drink rainwater or distilled water. Our Pitcher plant is a very thirsty chap and gets watered with rainwater about twice a day.

  2. I know I've read up all about them. We have a large water butt and we're turning our old dustbin into another one now we've had our new wheely bins :o) xXx