Sunday, 25 March 2012

Greenfinger's Update #2

Okies this is just a quickie to say I'm well chuffed as my stuff is starting to show signs of life! :o) ........

Dill are starting to sprout through :o)

Lettuce seedlings have popped up :o)

My Onions have shoots on :o)

Mom's Onions are shooting too :o)

We have some action on the Aubergine's, Chilli's & Pepper's :o)

Just started off my Mixed Salad Leaves :o)

Started off my Sunflowers :o) Bill & Ben shall live again!

My Mini Greenhouse is starting to fill up nicely :o)

So excited now, it's the wait I hate but now things are starting to show signs of life the fun is about to begin! Will they grow big & strong? Will they even survive?......

We'll just have to wait and see!

xXx Womble xXx

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