Monday, 19 March 2012

Wombley & Kitty Reunion :o)

As most of you folks probably know the last time I saw our kitties was when they were 8 weeks old and looked like this....

Mumu (8 weeks old)

 Cami (8weeks old)

Well..... While my folks were away the weekend the Dr decided to bring them to mine for a couple of hours so I could see them! :o) OMG how much they have grown in 8mths! They've gone from lil kitties into lil cats! :o) See for yourselves....

Mumu (8mths old)

Cami (8mths old)

How gorgeous are they! :o) I love them so much! They were really shy at first obviously cos they hadn't seen me for ages and they were in unfamiliar territory. Cami was first to come and have a fuss but Mumu hid under the bed and did't want to come out :o( in the end we had to lure him out with food lol. Then once they'd had a wonder around and abit of a nosey they came and chilled out with us on the bed :o)

finally get some cuddles with my lil fella :o)

Cami looks so stoned lol and check out that ear hair! lol

our gorgeous kitties :o)

Mumu came and chilled on my lap, Dr sez he doesn't do that with ANYONE normally :o)

Amazing how well they get along, Mumu even cleans up after her in the litter tray lol

Silly Mumu lol :o)

 Mumu still loves Mama Wombley :o)

It was so much fun getting to spend some time with them again after so long. I still can't get over how big and bushy Cami's tail is now! It's huge! :o) She's so cute too, when you fuss her if she likes you she licks you at the same time :o) she's a proper fusspot now and her purr is like a motorbike pmsl :oP But she doesn't like you touching her paws lol. Mumu still loves to play and likes to have adventures and even though Dr sez he doesn't like fuss, he couldn't get enough off me! lol :o) He's also a mega clean freak and he even cleans up after Cami when they've been in the litter tray lmao :oP It's gonna be so much fun when we eventually get our own place and I'll get to munch them every single day :o)

Can't Wait!

xXx Womble xXx