Friday, 9 March 2012

Let the fun begin! :o)

Yes the fun begins now! I've started sowing my seeds and adding to my new mini greenhouse :o) fingers crossed all my stuff will grow well and turn out right! Guess I'll just have to wait and see! :o)

It's looking better now its in use! :o)

Top layer of my stackable herbs - mint, thyme, coriander & dill

Middle layer of stackable herbs - sage, basil & rosemary (chives in yellow pot)

Bottom layer of stackable herbs - oregano, parsley & tarragon

 Trying out some Catnip for my Kitties :o)

Alfalfa & Mustard Shoots (also gonna do some micro-greens of these too)

1st propagator - aubergine, fruity chilli, capsicum pepper & chilli

Mom's new trug, I helped her fill it yesterday, she's gonna be growing onions & carrots in it :o)

Hopefully I'll start to see some action in the next week or so depending on the weather :oS really hope they grow! Roll on summer cos the hot weather will help alot :o) I'll be starting off my rocket, mixed salad, spinach & lettuce in the next week or so too! Dont worry I'll keep you all updated lol ;o)


xXx Womble xXx


  1. How fun and so exciting when those little sprouts begin to peek out of the soil! Wishing you great weather.

  2. Thanks so much hun! :o) xXx