Monday, 26 July 2010

House/Dog/Kitten Sitting lol

Well me and my gorgeous 'Dr' had a fun 5 days last week house sitting for his Sister while she went on her hols. It seems everytime we have to housesit there's lil babies for us to look after too lol last year we had 3 puppies as well as her 2 British Bulldogs to look after but this year we had 3 lil kitties to look after :o) tell a lie tho Gizmo (her cat) was a good mommy and did most of the work lol so here they are the lil fluffballs.......... I want the lil black one but I can't have it cos my folks wont allow pets in our house :o( xXx

I want the black one!!!!!!!!! :o( it kept giving me that look like on the pic "please take me home womble, pweeeeeeeze" they are all gorgeous tho and looking for new homes. So if you live around the Dudley area you're in luck!! 


  1. Heehe, the black and white one has a moustache. Heehe.

    They are so cute, how did you not pop the little black fella in your pocket on the way out???? Thats the look of love he's giving you, right there!

    Kitty xx

  2. I wish I could have it Kitty believe me!! But I'm living with my folks and there's no animals allowed :o( I said to the 'Dr' can't he keep it at his house (as his folks have cats) but he said he can't :o( and he said if I'm good I might be allowed to have a black cat when we get our own place but I said "Noooooo I want that one!!" :o( lmao xXx

  3. Oh! So cute!!!! I want one! lol

  4. Awwww, aren't they the cutest!!!! Thanks for posting these pics!