Thursday, 15 July 2010

Oooops I think I broke it :oS

I was using my laptop the other day and one of the keys wouldn't go down properly so I poked my finger underneath to try and move wot was underneath and the key popped off!!! :oS But I remembered my lovely 'Dr' saying "yeh the keys pop off easily but they pop right back on...." So I'm there desperately trying to get this bloody 'B' key to pop back on, could I do it?!....... could I f**k!!!! lmao so when the 'Dr' came round the next day I got him to have a try and he was like "move out the way noob and I'll show you how its done!"....... and an hour later he's still trying to get it back on!!! pmsl so anywayz this bloody 'B' key isn't having it and as my lovely 'Dr' bought me it for Christmas the warranty is up in 2 weeks (he bought it august last year from Amazon) so now we're trying to find out if we gotta send it back to Amazon or Acer. 'Dr' emailed Amazon and they said contact Acer so I emailed Acer today and now I'm awaiting a reply (god knows how long thats gonna take!!) So looks like I'm gonna be without my lappy for a couple of weeks at the most :o( last time I poke my keys again and next time summet gets stuck under there I'll take the lovely Dr's advice....... "Don't f**kin poke them! Just f**kin blow you foooooool!!!!" lmfao xXx

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