Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Best Thing That's Happened In My Life :o)

Was falling in love with my gorgeous boyf Niall (aka The Dr cos he reminded me of Tom Baker in Dr Who heheh) it's just one of those things when you know that summet is just 'meant to be'. I'd been having probs with my boyf (of 5 yrs) who then ended up being put in prison in November 2008 so I had to move back to my parents house and I had always had a thing for this guy at work who around that time had started giving me the eye and smiling and making the effort to say hello. Anywayz I fancied the pants off him basically lol but unfortunately he was in a relationship (of 11 years) so I thought I had noooooooooo chance but I had a feeling he was having problems too cos lately he hadn't seemed very happy at all and I was picking up a few vibes and one of his friends told me he was thinking of leaving her, so immediately I thought wooohoooo (even tho I had no idea if he was interested in me or not) so I was hoping and praying that we'd get chance to talk when we all went out after work on Christmas Eve and boy did we talk!!!!

 New Years Eve 2008

We had loads in common and it felt like we'd known eachother for years!! We was even the last ones to leave the pub (about 1:30am I think lol) so he said he'd work me home (even tho I walked him to my home cos he was a lil pissed lol) and then we ended up having a lil smooch outside my house which I apologised for (obviously cos even tho his relationship wasn't working out he still had a girlf at the end of the day) so after that he ended up dumping his girlf on Boxing Day 2008 and then he came out with me and my friends New Years Eve 2008 and then we officially got it together :o) and we've been together ever since and we've never been happier :o) and I can't wait till we've both found new jobs (our work got shutdown March 2010 so we got made redundant) so we can finally get our own place (and maybe think about making a few Dr Wombley's lol) and live happily ever after :o) xXx
                                                                                                                             New Years Eve 2008

 Cheltenham 2009

August 2009

Boxing Day 2009

New Years Day 2010 (our 1st Anniversary)

February 2010

Not really been able to go anywhere since losing our jobs so not had any more photos together yet :o( plus Dr don't really like having his photo took heheh but I make him :oPbut will post more recent Dr & Wombley pics soon :o) xXx

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