Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Masterpiece :o)

YES!! I finally finished it!! Just in time for my future Sis-in-Law to give it to the Bride & Groom on Saturday as her gift. So please take a deep breath and and take a look at my new Wedding Card I designed and personlised :o)

So wot do you guys think?? My Sis-in-Law was gobsmacked lol!!! She absolutely loves it and sez that The Bride and Groom will love it too :o) xXx another happy Kokokelli customer


  1. Many thanks :o) my future Sis-in-Law said she wanted something to go with the theme of the wedding which worried me at first cos Silver and Pink with Diamantes isn't your usual kinda thing and not really that easy to find suitable wedding toppers (plus she only told me 2 weeks before the wedding and I had to find everything I needed sharpish so it had been posted in time ready for the following week so I could make it :oS) but I am really pleased with it :o) and its defo just as nice as the Gold & Cream one I made for my friends wedding :o) you can see pis of that in my photos on my facebook xXx

  2. Omg I had to charge her £12.00 in the end cos it cost me £6.00 in materials :oS but she gave me £15.00 and said to keep the change for doing such a gr8 job :o) yay for me!!!! lol xXx

  3. Lovely, I bet she was over the moon!

    A new line for you at Folksy!

    Natalie x

  4. I might do some cards and put them in my shop, knowing my luck they'd sell better than my jewellery lol :oP xXx