Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Not just for Christmas........

Was just thinking about my lovely lil girlies I used to have who I unfortunately lost a couple of years ago (2 while I was on holiday so I dint even get to say goodbye :o( sniff). Some people consider pets as accessories but to most people they are part of the family no matter how big or small. Yes my 3 girls were only Hamsters but to me they were my babies and I will always love them and miss them loads. So here's to Shadow, Willow & Keshi may you tread softly on the big hamster wheel in the sky xXx





  1. Aww bless :) The pic of willow is so cute (as are the others!!)
    My hamster is off in the hamster wheel in the sky too, he was an old man though and a total character (he terrorised the cat in his ball, it was v funny!!)

    Laura x

  2. Shadow was lovely but I'm sure she used to get her hammy tool kit out of a nite cos she was very noisey sometimes lol, Willow I adopted from Pets at Home cos she was mistreated and petrified of everything but she was so funny but Keshi was a nightmare and a right psycho and after the other 2 died I just started to neglect her slightly and wish it had been her instead of the others so I asked my friend to have her when I had to move back to my parents after my ex got put in prison. All mine got to around 2yrs before they died. Shadow had a tumour in her womb, Willow had something wrong with her teeth and Keshi just died in her sleep.


  3. aww. mines was nearly 3, he spent the last few months though not coming out his house though, still his last act of life was to bite my dad so he went out with style :)

    Lol he used to monkeybar across the cage, it's amazing what they can do


  4. Lmao our Hamster at school Tarzana used to do that, was abit sad when mine didn't :o( although Willow and Keshi used to think they was Spiderman lol :oP xXx