Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Is soooooooooo sad today :o(

I don't know wot it is today but I just feel so low and fed up and really just feel like crying :o( I spose this dark shitty weather don't really help either..... and now its started with that manky drizzley rain too :o( sigh...... and to top it off no one seems to be interested in any of my Kokokelli Handmade Jewellery either :o( some of the nice fellow jesters have been featuring me on their blogs and stuff but don't seem to be getting many sales at all :o( and if I keep listing summet everyday I'm gonna end up with a shop full of stuff that peeps aren't interested in buying and wot's the point in that?! :o( sorry am starting to rant on abit now lol but loads of peeps sales seem to have rocketed up and I've only had 2 (one was a custom order and the other was by a celebrity) and I'm blogging and tweeting and facebooking and craft juicing as much as I can and there's lots of views on my Google Analytics and stuff but still nothing :o( sigh....... I just don't get it at all man :o( sigh...... I need cheering up (where's that chocolate gone? lol)

See! Look at that face!! :o(


  1. How can you be sad when you're going to be on Konnie Kapow's blog?! Huh?

    Also - this will cheer you up!



  2. very cute lol nearly as cute as the one with the slow loris in :o) xXx