Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My first Celebrity Buyer!!! :o)

I'm soooooooooo proud and sooooooooo beaming right now as I've had my first celebrity buyer!!!! The lovely Kelli Ali (Kelli Dayton ex Sneaker Pimps!!!) I posted a link on her facebook yesterday asking her to check out my stuff and then she left a message back on my facebook saying she loved my work and then when I woke up this morning she had bought my 'Vintage Gold Cross' Necklace & Earring Set :o)))) I couldn't believe it!!!! I am sooooooo happy right now I can't explain :o) not only did I get another sale but it was to one of my idols from one of my favourite bands :o) so to say thank you I made her a lil bracelet with her motto of "Viva La Rock 'n' Roll" on. I have also asked her if she would be able to send a photo of her with my jewellery on so I'll have to wait and see wot happens but I'll post it on here if she does :o) xXx

You can check out Kelli's website at

 Kelli Ali 

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